A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion

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"All Gave Some; Some Gave All"

This is not the story of big chest men kicking in doors and diving on granades to save their buddies. This is this is story of support Soldiers gave all they had on behalf of a grateful nation.

"Today I want to share the story of my Soldiers. I want you to know that these lives mattered and they still matter to so many of us who hurt for their loss each and every day."

Author, Colonel Angela M. Odom, US Army Retired

The Author Shares a Story About Real American Heroes

Retired US Army Colonel Angela M. Odom shares the story of her time in Iraq and the brave men and women she led as a battalion commander.

Angela M. Odom was given a huge challenge and opportunity in late 2006: to lead a battalion of well-trained soldiers in a vast, complicated mission in Iraq.

She had less than sixty days before she and her battle-tested soldiers would have to deploy, leaving everything behind, including children, for the theater of war. Odom herself left a sixteen-month-old son.

This emotional firsthand account of the day-to-day life of a soldier in Iraq is told not only from the view of a commanding officer, but also from that of the brave men and women who served under her command.

She captures every aspect of military service in vivid and heartrending detail: the fear, the lingering sadness, and the bittersweet joy of homecoming.

 Discover life through the eyes of servicemen and women in active war zones as they defend our freedoms from tyranny and terror.

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"COL Angela Odom is a true leader and her words are inspiring and heart wrenching. A must read!!"

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"I learned a lot and enjoyed the book. Her story highlights the challenges and sacrifices of our veterans and gives a glimpse of what war is really like."

Gives a Glimpse of What War is Really Like
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"The 1st chapter is awesome I can't wait on the completed book. I cried during the part about your son, that was very emotional for me. "

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