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Get your copy of this stirring story of real American heroes and learn what happens down range when your support Soldier is deployed on behalf of the American public!


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This memoir brilliantly provides a detailed first hand account of the day to day life and activities of Human Resource professionals in combat on the battlefield. Magnificent tribute and dedication to the Soldiers and family members of Bronco Strong. A must read!!





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"Having a minimum knowledge of the inner workings of military life, I found Bronco Strong: A Memoir of the Last Deployed Personnel Services Battalion to be an excellent introduction and an easy read. With introspective detail, Col. (Ret.) Angela M. Odom describes the historic last deployment of the 15th Personnel Services Battalion which she commanded and loved. The story is intimate as Col. Odom describes uncompromisingly her successes and failures as she moves up through the ranks. The story is suspenseful as you read about the 15th PSB being impacted directly by the horror of war. The story is humbling as you experience the firsthand accounts of the brave soldiers who served and the angsts they all shared by being separated from family. Thank you Col. (Ret.) Angela M. Odom and the 15th Personnel Services Battalion for your service!"

Minimum Knowledge of the Inner Workings of Military Life

"Bronco Strong The Last Personnel Services Battalion. This book is one of the best reads that depicts the life of a Adjutant General Battalion Commander and her troops during Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08. COL Odom's journey to becoming a Battalion Commander during war-time supporting the First Cavalry Division, Multi-National Forces Iraq and its attachments. This story is real depiction of the life of an AG Soldier in combat. Although her troops were not actively fighting on the ground, they supported thousands of troops from Baghdad to Tahlil to Rhamadi to Al Asad providing personnel service, postal operations and casualty assistance. Her troops believed in her to lead them in such a critical time in our nations war. Dealing with the deaths of our fallen comrades and and having that reality hit home with the deaths of some of our own, we were support Soldiers, not Infantry, Armor, or Special Forces. Our lives will never be the same because of the experiences we shared over there for some we continue to serve this nation continuing to put ourselves in harms way for the protection of this nation and fighting for those that can't fight for them selves. For others, our lives as retired Soldiers and now civilians present new challenges just coping with being away from the fight, but there is a different fight now, a fight to cope in a society that does not understand our struggles. COL Odom, thank you for telling you story and sharing ours. I can still do 10 good push-ups. Bronco Strong "

Former Alpha "Gators" Detachment Commander
Major Retired Rodney Davis

"Excellent and heartfelt tribute to our AG troopers and specifically those who endured a tough deployment facing multiple challenges daily as part of the 15th PSB, the last deployed PSB. I had the privilege of visiting with Bronco 6 and her team during the last days of their tour and attended the transfer of authority and the strain of 15 months of combat operations was evident and this memoir explains how heavy the burden of command can be. Well done!"

Great Tribute to AG Troopers!
Shannon Tutor

""Today I want to share the story of my Soldiers. I want you to know that these lives mattered and they still matter to so many of us who hurt for their loss each and every day." "

Colonel Retired Angela M. Odom

Colonel Retired Angela M. Odom

A little about me, I am a decorated war veteran, turned life coach.  After serving honorably in the US Army for over 26 years I retired and got my son settled into our small quaint town, started a personal development business, and wrote a military memoir.  I decided to continue to be of service to others by training for and earning my life coaching certification. I know how to get things done.

I share my practical experience with anyone who will listen, so that they may avoid some of the potholes I have driven into (so to speak). As a life coach, I focus on the whole person concept; too many times we compartmentalize our career, family, relationships, health, and finances and wonder why we are out-of-balance and over-committed. I would love to be your personal coach.

I help transform ambitious, over-committed women's mindset about their family, career, relationships, productivity, health, and finances. We are all evolving to a better version of ourselves; a Better U.  

In between being present with my family, volunteering in the local community, running my personal development company, and serving as a Better U Life Coach, I love, love, love to read. I look forward to connecting with you.


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This is not the story of big chest men kicking in doors and diving on grenades to save their buddies. This is the story of support Soldiers who gave all they had on behalf of a grateful nation.

The story is

  • Intimate as Colonel Retired Angela M. Odom describes uncompromisingly her successes and failures as she moves up through the ranks
  • Suspenseful as you read about the 15th Personnel Services Battalion being impacted directly by the horror of war.
  • Humbling as you experience the firsthand accounts of the brave soldiers who served and the angsts they all shared by being separated from family. 

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